My general info: I’m a 34 year old man with a conscience that does not allow me to stray. I am a Christian but I am opposed to the modern church world and their business like beliefs while they relegate the word of God to be some comfy and cozy heartwarming message, when it is anything but. I was heavily influenced Republican by my father, who taught me the meaning of right and wrong. These days I can identify more with anarchists than I can my own party and have moved more right than those nutjobs. I criticize the left like no tomorrow for the most absurd garbage being peddled in The United States today. Progressive Liberalism saw it’s own demise as World War II embroiled the planet in warfare. The whole garbage movement had to rethink itself and today society is largely shaped by what defecated from the bowels of its new founders. A place where the very mentality that brought this country into being is criticized by a group with no foundation, no upstanding model of success, and a surefire method of crashing the free world into chaos and disorder. Politicians from today would have been run out of town during the framing, why is their rhetoric being given center stage today? Who are these men and women who write laws, enforce laws, and justify laws for this country and they themselves are the most lawless of all? Who are these American citizens who take these crooks at their word and hand over a vote for the most absurd politicians the world has ever known? How is it that Nixon was run out of office shamed and disgraced for breaking into the headquarters of the DNC when every scandal that has come to light since the rockstar dazzled his way into office has been exponentially worse with much bigger consequences for an unsuspecting populace? I can say with certain clarity that every single decision Barack Hussein Obama has made is exactly opposite the decision I would have made. He is not qualified to run a Wendy’s, let alone a country, which speaks to the amount of educated in voting populace. A people that vote with every organ but their brain and for every reason but politics and the benefit of the country. This is the only way to explain how people like Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein have sat up in Congress for a quarter century with the inherent goal of disbanding our Constitution. I am not sure if I even hear two words that make sense out of Nancy Pelosi’s mouth she is a terrible speaker, and she is the absolute best San Francisco has to offer. Her and Feinstein are the bitter immorality peddling, agenda pushing, liberal yes men found on the inside of a toilet bowl after a flush. Remove the party affiliaton from the ballot, redraw their district, or put term limits on them and they would find their comfortable little niche quite exposed. Their is a word association game being played on the left in politics. Their sentences dont need to make sense. The head of the NAACP said, “The Tea-Party is the Taliban of American politics.” All his members and every liberal in the country then has Taliban and Tea Party next to each other in their simple mind, and they don’t know the first thing about them. Feinstein begins to associate “veteran” in the same sentence as “PTSD” and “school shooting” and people dont start thinking about hero or defender of freedom, they start the word association game of what the top liberal leadership have to offer. Since when does our country rise in the day with the sun and mountains of potential to shape and form our destiny, our lives, through freedom and instead of using our hands to build, our minds to innovate, and our passion to drive us, we sit on our duff and look to a President for answers as if he was ever supposed to have them. We dont look upward as Americans, we are the upward. The only eye we should be casting on the office of president is a suspecting eye, willing to revolt when that office oversteps its bounds. But entitlements are powerful and a people can be lazily stupified by welfare checks, the equivalent of stealing breadcrumbs from their neighbors dinner table.

I am a veteran of the US Army with two tours of duty in Baghdad, Iraq in support operation Iraqi Freedom (’06-’08/ ’09-’10) as a sniper and an infantryman. I am the third born of four brothers and have recently become the youngest in the most heartbreaking and life-changing event of my life. My little brother was lost in a motorcycle accident 8 August 2012, and he was my best friend. So now I write and keep my mind busy to stop the pain.


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