Fearing For Your Life As A Guest Of The State

It is almost surreal to echo out loud that it is 2016, when related to our technological advances. And not many people would dispute the fact that the United States of 2016 plays a major leadership role on the world stage. But with our national watchword being “freedom,” a person does not have to look far to find where those words are quite cheap, and our “Land of the Free” invokes outright laughs to this ever growing group of US citizens.

This can be none other than the United States Justice System, a revolving door to around 2.6 million of our citizens. There are far too many gray areas when it comes to our criminal justice system to contain in a simple blog, yet this is a state sponsored institution that is known for cheating, lying, corruption, the biggest promotion of racism in the country today, and taken against your will, there is a mighty chance that a short visit behind those walls can be dangerous to your life and your health.

Just a few years ago I would have completely scoffed at those statements. After all, our jails are filled with the trash of society that are guilty of committing crimes. I was a default defender and ardent supporter of law enforcement, the justice system, our jails and I thought that only the scum of the Earth need to hire one of those creepy lawyers. This is where I believe the majority of our nations citizens beliefs may rest, until they or someone dear to them has a minor brush-up with the law and you get a first hand look at how far telling the truth and doing what is right will get you, compared to the outright corruption and lies you will witness in every single case, on every single day in your local courthouse.

There is a light that must somehow shine on a few inexorable facts when considering what you are up against when the local police petition the District Attorney to bring a charge against you that everyone must find out the hard way, and it is a very painful lesson. The job of police and District Attorney’s offices is not to sift through a bunch of facts and determine what the right answer is. Their job is to build a case against you by using any means necessary at their disposal in order to find you guilty. And unfortunately the police and the district attorney’s do not get that good old fashioned feeling when someone goes through a long trial and they are found not guilty. They will only feel like they lost, and nobody likes to lose. This turns quite easily into a very personal war between yourself and some swindler on the other side that does not care if you are guilty or innocent, their job is to find you guilty. If it wasn’t for your right to an attorney who will fight (or lie) on your behalf and the man sitting in the middle then every single case brought against a person would be punished by the absolute maximum extent of the law, whether you were innocent or guilty.

You could pick any handful of inmates from any state institution and review all the facts of their cases and one thing will be guaranteed in every case; there is evidence that works in their favor, and evidence that works against them. Imagine the feelings these inmates feel when a prosecuting attorney has factual evidence that you did not commit a crime, and they willfully choose to discard that evidence and only bring to court evidence which makes you look guilty. This is the their job, and this is completely normal and if you are not ready for this dose of reality then your whole world is collapsing around you as these people you have never seen or known about before personally attack every aspect of your life and hide anything good you have ever done in your time here. Meanwhile every private aspect of your life becomes the common knowledge of tens or hundreds of people who happen to be in attendance during the reading of your case. The potential lies, or at the very least gross over exaggerations, directly equate to weeks, months, or years that you are removed from the life that you know and forced to live among the very people that you would probably choose to avoid when you are free. You are told what to do down to every faction of your life and the people responsible for your welfare and safety are your worst enemy.

I believe that in the most influential country in the world, it is an abomination to have a living institution in this country that operates in the manner that the United States Criminal Justice system is being run. It is reminiscent of a far off third world country where human life means nothing. Every day while we enjoy what we call our freedom, there are people that are guilty of no more that wanting to get high on their own time, in the confines of their own dwellings, and they are in fear of getting stabbed or beaten at least 3 times a day as they are fed, by inmates who may be looking at 25 years to life for brutally raping or murdering another human being. This in incorrigible in my opinion. One short term fix to this rampant problem within our institutions is to house like criminals with like criminals. People who decided to have a few too many drinks one night should not be sitting feet away from a murderer. Murderers with murderers, rapists with rapists, and people that simply smoke pot with other pot smokers. It would not be that hard.

As I said, this simple blog could turn into a 500 page report in a matter of hours if the system was dissected by somebody who gave a damn, and an attempt was made to piece together a system better fitting the most powerful country in the world. Right now, those shiny clean and polished uniforms of all law enforcement in the country stand for one of the biggest waste of time and human life in the country not just able bodied people, but willing people are not working toward recovery but rotting inside their own minds and bodies inside a tiny cage in the most viral environment possible in human existence. And because they have grown to be so in humane about the entire system, I have no problem calling them out and attempting to expose the biggest hypocrisy in the country. Every employee of the justice system should be unplugged, and extensively retrained in what is possible if they all put their hearts and their minds toward the betterment of these sick people. There is plenty more to be shared on this topic and it is my end goal to pick it all apart piece by piece so that if these people were confronted with the facts they would be forced into a very personal reevaluation of how they dedicate their daily lives. God help me if I ever become so involved in such a counterproductive organization and refuse to do better.


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