The Seeds That They Reap Are The Seeds That They Sow

Just out there beyond the horizon

Await many battles that have yet to be won

Far from the eyes of governmental deceit

A future delivering our nations defeat
Much faith remaineth in causes lost

Amounting to nothing but great holocaust

Destitution through corruption brought forth in vain

This stronghold and inhabitants surely be slain
Unaware remain masses of the unfortified

Who surely won’t believe until they have died

To desiccate the life and reveal what’s inside

Mountains of contentions toward those who have lied
Those who built a foundation of stone

Safely watch as the Earth overthrown

In fervent prayer they will be shown

As the last chance for redemption is blown
There remains a word through endings complete

Windswept, burned, and seemingly beat

To emerge in great light, all evils defeat

As peace, harmony, and Christ come to meet
So we stand in the great tumult

And wonder which denomination (which cult)

Could satisfy the longings of desires unfulfilled

All the while the Tempter’s lies are instilled
Choose the narrow path every day

Do not wait for Sunday for debts to pay

Soon there will be nothing left of this choice

As we yield our lives to his thundering voice
On their faces the truth will show

The great place inside them only God will know

A heavenly place for their spirit does grow

And the seeds that they reap are the seeds that they sow


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