Our world is held within the grasp of a mysterious and powerful force. This Neanderthal existence is quite incapable of comprehending much beyond its own shallow sight, and in walking this land has opened the door to a brutal truth. We are being corralled through the stalls which lead to horrible places. We are given enough of a “free will” to maintain this feeling of control, even as we are victimized by unseen forces continually. Mankind has been on this gloomy march down into a dangerous place for a long time. People tell me that they don’t believe in prophecy. I tell them that if they are on an elevator and the “10th floor” button is depressed, I can go a long way in telling you where you are going. As a race of people, we have passed many milestones in time. We leave tracks and signs of our purposes, our intentions, and our direction virtually every time we speak, or make a decision. Just as great mountainous dunes of sand are accumulated over time by the wind, the filth, the greed, corruption, and chaos this race of people have left behind has accumulated throughout the annals of time. The fruit of this Earth ripens. We move toward our destination without moving a muscle. One day, the beautiful fruit will begin soften. The elements have beaten on it, and it’s branch begins to yield. One day, at a moment nobody could have ever expected, the fruit will plunge from the tree, and its day will be done. A cosmic microsecond will tick away, and everything we have ever known will be changed in an instant. The moment the fruit falls from the tree, it falls with what it has, and no more.

Nothing in our world is what it seems. This taboo structure that our current civilization has built around spirituality should be an indicator of something. On the Earth, a dominant creature has surfaced that is different from any other creature that has ever roamed. We are capable of building great structure out of the dust of the Earth, and there is no question that what we have accomplished here in our short tenure is grand. Humankind really has wondrous things to be proud of himself for. He rose to the top of the ranks quickly and assumed a position of dominion over the beasts of the field. Nothing like this has ever been done before as far as mankind can reason. We were gifted with an extremely fertile set of genetics which allows us to weather the great tribulations that come and batter mankind around the globe. Century after century, storm after storm roils on the horizon, sweeps inland, and like a slow-moving Behemoth of Death, it strolls onto the shores of populated places, and methodically sweeps handfuls of victims up into its tumultuous grasp, and then larges slowly back into the sea, and there is nothing that man can do about it. And tattered and torn, we rise, and populate the same places that once yielded up human life to one of the great foes of man. We upright the tables, and sweep off the floors and make it habitable once again, and the neighborhoods flourish with new life.

So man walks the Earth, in control of his mind’s eye and having full ability to upright himself with the Sun of the dawning day, and earnestly cultivate what it is that will become their personal destiny. And as we make our ways down our streets, over our hills, beyond those vast seas, and set gaze toward the heavenlies, there is no doubt that some will take in all that the human race is, and their minds fill with questions that have yet to be answered. Occasionally, a man of great stature will take his place above his people and speak to them with soothing tone, and mild manner. Their fears allay for another day, and they turn and find contentment in those words. They surpress the nightmare which chokes them in the night, as they awake gasping for air, frightened from what their eyes beheld inside their own being. And with a concscience that has been abused and ignored for millenia, they exit into the light of the day once again, and go about their way.

Our domain was built upon the dirt and rock of the land. We know the land like no known beast that has walked upon it. But we know nothing at all. When a traveler walks alone, they should gravitate to areas of comfort, areas of safety, areas where light is in abundance. It would not be wise to venture out into the dark corners alone, for we know not what resides there, or what they would have with us. So the tide of our race has accepted its limited control of this matter, and adjusted the habits of his dwelling to reflect this. 12 hours, he scurries to and from, this place to that, and then our great sphere rolls over on its back and shields the familiar warmth and comfort of our friend in the sky. Our whole lives are plunged into a darkened abyss, and we set our biological time components to recede deep into our dwellings in these times. The light which validates our reality goes dim, and our gift of sight, is surrendered to a better judgment. The mice of the field marathon through the darkness, each and every day. Their greatest predator goes into the sky at the same time our Sun returns around. They know that the birds of prey will have great odds of seeing them, as they have not the ability to be vigilant in the day.

The light that shines upon creation is full of mystery, and unexplainable barriers. The light fills mankind’s day enough for him to make choices for another 12 hour cycle. That is the extent of our knowledge of light. We use it and need it just as food and water, and therefore we await its return every day. As the brilliant minds of our time peer into the great pressure vacuum of space, their eyes are their greatest tool that they have in their tool box. Astronomers over the past several centuries observed strange phenomena upon the canvas of Earth’s sky. The unexplainable images which are translated back across their glass lenses reveals to them, something that our hearts have been screaming from within us for duration of our walk through this garden paradise. Everything we have come to know as our existence, is built upon the sand of the beach. Soon, the waters will rise and disassemble the connection that our feet have with this rock beneath our feet.

Science has uncovered many curious measures. One scientific fact, will soon act as a catalyst to a great humankind demise. This fact revealed that in the expanse around us, there is a great deal more than we imagined. Our lives are based upon that which we see with our eyes, and that which can activate our sensory nerves in the form of touch. But in all that great universe, our eyes were made to accept just 3% of the known spectrum. Translated, of everything that truly exists in the cosmos, our eyes have the ability to capture just 3%. Our entire system of reality is built upon just 3% of actuality. Just out of sight of the rainbow, lay the disused plains of infrared, and ultraviolet. Further down this isolated and unexposed chasm, is what we call the radio waves. We speak these terms, out of necessity, and only for the purpose of communication amongst our people. But the truth is, all that is out there is not there by our hand. We have the ability to casually affix a label to things we come across in our lives. But these things are what they are, with our irrelevant naming system or without. The expanse of the heavenlies does not hold its breath when the humankind discovers a new star in the sky, and inserts letters into reality to describe it. That star is exactly what it is with human cooperation, or none at all. That does not even produce wind resistance to our kind, who move about our known habitations like estuary fish.

Mankind stands upon a tall mountain, gazing out over the Earth as a conqueror.Are we conquerors? When you do a good work, and somebody recognizes you for this good work, is that not of far more value to us than if we inflate our standing with our own words? There is not even enough room for debate to answer the question of whether mankind is altogether good or altogether evil. And we would lose the argument in quick order if we ask the same question with regards to all that is around us. We were afflicted before we even got to the starting line of this existence. There is one word that can be used to describe what sort of place the universe is. It is a moral universe.

Morality is a word with a thousand meanings. The reason for this is the same reason images inside the readers head began But once again, the confusion comes on the part of man, not the word. The word is inanimate. Its meaning does not change. What our race does to the meaning of the word moraity is the same thing they do to the dough when they make cookies. With dough arrayed in the preferred order, they dig through the drawer for their cookie cutter and shape it into something that makes them feel better about it, like a heart. If we are to don the nickname “intelligent life,” it would seem to be common sense to figure out what God, and the universe around us would expect the word to mean, instead of attempting to use a cookie cutter on it until its definition meets the expectation of our personal need for it. We do not have the ability to see things clearly, the way they were meant to be seen. Everything we perceive is only perceived through the goggles of our personal experiences, upbringing, and needs at the time.

An easy definition I will give for the word morality is:

“The state of all natural creation that is undisturbed by mankind”

Everything that our race touches, gets defiled, perverted, distorted, corrupted and our influence on anything causes disarray. If I gave my Autistic 10-year old nephew a baseball bat, and put him in the middle of glass shop, it would be easy create the mental picture of what we do with our surroundings. The problem with our rationale in this world is that we are only guests in this place. People around the world can call this world ours all that they desire, but when we begin calling something “ours,” we begin to treat it differently than a guest would. If you invite a guest into your home, it is expected that they treat your items with a greater level of respect than they would their own possessions. Mankind abandoned this respect for the Earth long ago.

We are a people that have no problem calling something ours that we did not create. Mankind goes through life with an arrogance unheard of in all of space and time. The children at our schools single out the children they deem “different,” or “handicapped,” and they make adulating comments about them to their friends, yet they were not involved in the creation of one hair of their own head. They could not choose what color eyes they would have, and they certainly were not around when a deformity took hold of a fetus. Our arrogance rests upon unsettled soil. Nothing that is ours, is ours. We are driving a borrowed vehicle through a far away land. It is not our vehicle, and it is not our land. Our destructive and aggressive nature will be to our own demise.

Arrogant man has much to be proud of, but much more to fear. A creator designed this habitation, as well as creatures dwelling upon it. Imagine if you were the great Creator, who intricately and delicately put together a universe of unexplainable beauty and power, then you created an animal in your likeness to share in the joy and harmony of this wonderful place. And as you place them down upon their dwelling, they turn and blaspheme you and carry out horrible atrocities against each other, and their own home. A great and powerful God could dash us away at will, along with every ounce arrogant entitlement we have brought with us. Mankind would do well to walk softly, and with much humility and respect for all that we have. We are being watched. We are being graded. We are being measured.

Mankind has a predator. We are vulnerable in the places we could never have expected. Our place here in this reality, this time and place, is surrounded by kingdoms and habitations existing in the other 97% of the spectrum of light. Our portion of life exists in this form and stubbornly we course our way through a life which literally trembles beneath the violence of the heavens. The entities residing in the parallel habitation exist in the light of the air all around us. We cannot cross through the threshold which separates these two parallel plains except in death. The life of the human race was granted 3% of the pie for his short walk here. He is completely blind to the greater things of the universe. We could not comprehend such things even if it were open to our shallow mind.

I became convinced of the presence of something so much greater than man long ago. Some people doubt the existence of mediums, I say we are all mediums and we brush shoulders with the others every day. We have just never correlated the ways in which they impact our lives, with the actual entities responsible for it. Most cultures on the Earth rest a belief in some sort of afterlife, and all of this belief does not stem from nothing. There was once a bridge and it was perfectly normal for the two different civilizations to be together. Our people wonder why they have never seen God. But they’re hardened, narrow minded view of reality would not allow a place for God. They expected that our God should appear to their eyes. But God would utterly devastate our wretched existence if here. God is the hottest flame which would move over the land incinerating every unclean thing. God is the purest water, which dare not mix with parasitic water found on the Earth. God is the loudest sound that can be heard from one side of the universe to the other. Everything that God is, we are not. God created only because of love. The universe recognizes God’s love. God’s power cannot be comprehended by the flesh. But the hardened heart of the human race taunts it, and it will inevitably be shown.

Presently, we are nothing but an empty belief, residing and reacting as the world comes into view. We are spiritually weak and frail. We do not have the perserverance to control the most basic things that we have owned. Inside of us, and all around us, is the true person each of us have become. It is a spirit operating the controls of these machines walking the Earth. The spirit was once a part of the purest spirit of our God, shared only because he loved his creation. Our relationship with our creator was severed the moment the slightest spot of corruption was discovered upon us. It was not a flesh wound. The corruption entered the human body through the air, and manifested within his spirit. Our God is absolute purity, and a dark spot on a white wall is very easy to see. As God approached the creatures he set within the garden, they hid themselves. Adam and his wife did not stand boldly and profess what they had done, they hid in shame. Their own shame was the record of their crime. God recognized the uncleanness which existed upon the soul of man. That uncleanness stands out more than anything else in the universe. It is a cancer that can spread across purity, and defile it. We were once part of God’s spiritual purity, resting under his blanket of love. As God approached the garden in the first days, the blackness within his creature was recognized immediately. Adam and Eve could have denied their charge, and God would have added the charge of lying against the ones he trusted with his pure spirit.

I point this out only because the we have reached a place in time where murderers actually believe they can get away with murder. Thieves who sneak around under the cover of the night, will never get away with their offense. The reason for this is the same reason why Adam and Eve provided no response for God in the garden. None was needed. What will convict us of every crime committed exists within us. It is our conscience, and it diligently records crime we commit against this body, against God’s pure spirit, and against a moral universe. In separate layers of God’s light, the Earth can be seen shaking like a huge bass speaker which is radiating shockwaves of noise out into the universe. It is a sending out blast waves of disharmony that are rippling through the perfection of the universe. We have been seen by the almighty. He weeps at the filth that mankind chooses to dwell in. They have taken the sweet and the perfect spirit of God as a gift, and drenched it in a puddle of mud. Every action is dutifully recorded against us. The balance will be restored soon. The only set of laws in the universe that even matter are the laws which God commanded the Earth dwellers.

The Bible was written not to communicate with the selfish, corrupted, and perverted mind of mankind. It is Spirit unto spirit. The only chance we have ever had to see our wonderful creator was to ready the spirit which resides within this body. It is readied through purging of uncleanness and the realization that we exist in filth. Mankind somehow has reached a belief that he can do this existence on his own and does not need to be dependant upon a god. And just below the surface, God places solid ground beneath each step they take, even as their foot is in the air. He is sustaining every breath we take, he envelopes all things and he is using his very hand to hold the warring pieces of this existence together, even as his creatures blame him for their deliberate choice to defile him. As they spit in God’s face, he wipes the tears from their children’s eyes. God will not be using his own strength to keep our failed Civilizations together for long. As he exists in the purity of light, he longs to return the universe to the purity from which it came.

When the time comes, mankind will have been given every opportunity to understand the filth of our nature and bring it back into a place of harmony with God. In fact, the amount of time God has lovingly stood by and watched mankind smear feces upon the greatest gift ever given in the universe, is almost unbelievable. When the time comes, the entire Earth will be ready for his arrival. The book of The Revelation mentions trumpets at the introduction of our Lord. The trumpet may be the best description for the sound that will alert us. This noise cannot be comprehended through the words on a page. This will be a very special noise. The noise that awaits our race, to signal the coming of The Lord, will cease all activity on the planet. The sound will paralyze the flesh of mankind. The greatest realization to come at this thundering sound is that it is so much greater than anything we have ever seen. Every man across the face of the Earth will instantly know that everything that he has come to know, everything that exists here, all that we have built, the people that we are, and every feeling and emotion we believe we are entitled to, upon hearing the trumpet, we will instantly know that all of this will be complete. The sound marks the last moment of the Era of man’s free will. Everything we recognize of the human race will instantly be over.

In the instant of transition, this entire manifestation of humans will tremble in absolute and overpowering fear. The trumpet for this race will be the day of reckoning, when we give back to God what was entrusted to us so long ago. It will be the spirit which resides within you. The flesh of the humankind will be irrelevant, and will no longer conceal the being within. The greatest and largest force known to man will recognize the marks on the soul of man instantly, just as God recognized it in the Garden. The force which moves over us will be so much greater than us, we can do nothing but cower in shame and await it’s judgment of our lives. This force will move across the globe searching the land. There is a people that exist in the land, the likes of which the purest spirit of God will recognize. The people who chose to use their precious gift to please the wonderful creator. The people shaped their lives, jettisoned all unclean things from their lives, and asked for the forgiveness of the almighty, knowing that he never had to give it to them in the first place. In meekness and humility, those who used their time here on Earth to prepare will not tremble as the trumpet ceases all that we know. These people will know the sound, will recognize it from within, and they will rejoice like they have never rejoiced in all the years of their lives. The force which moves throughout the land, causing insurmountable fear and wailing upon the Earth, will instantly recognize the hearts of the faithful. He has heard their voices praying for his forgiveness, and he delivers upon his promise. As the Earth begins to resemble fiery warzone, broken down and rubbled, the very force which ceases all that is evil in an instant, in the most glorious fasion gather his faithful into a chariot. They begin to lift above the surface of the Earth and they are placed upon thrones, in a perfect place.


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