Blog #1 Gun Control

Once upon a time I stood in front of a flag I knew nothing about except for fairy tales and folklore of Revolutionary Wars and independence. After raising my right hand, I mouthed the words, “I will defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.” My guns are specifically mentioned in that document, and not only that, they were so important to the rights of the country’s citizens that it was listed as the 2nd Amendment to the document that establishes the American contract. Must have been important. The tragic and violent crimes being committed could just as easily be replicated by driving your pickup truck into a school or a movie theater. If guns cannot be used by a murderer then they will simply use something else. Speaking for myself, I could never raise a gun against another citizen and heaven forbid pull the trigger except for the most desperate of situations. My guns are not for hunting, although they can be used for such. My guns could be used for home defense if I choose, but that is not why I have them. I have them because every ruling government before America was established oppressed it’s people and enslaved and tortured it’s citizens and in order for that not to happen to us, the right was specifically written into the DNA of America. We are not America any longer if that changes. My guns have become more to me now, they are a measuring stick. When the government comes to take them from us I will know that they are not American and they will be treated as trespassers on private property. The government is not, and never will be the leader of free America and we will not mindlessly follow them down to the slaughter, like what happened 70 short years ago. We the people are the leaders of this country, and we decide if guns come or go, not a Chicago thug politician or any other tyrant in public office. We are just a few steps away from the great transformation when all the things we know and have come to love, things the rest of the world wishes they had, are taken from us by the very group the Constitution was written to defend against.


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